About Us


We are an innovative bookstore provides both “retail” and “online” shopping enjoyment. Not just books… you will be surprised that our online store is completed with lifestyle, stationery, office equipment, branded printers and inks, computers, smart phones and more.

What happen next is, you may shop here for your office supplies, home needs, school supplies and also your personal interest of books. We will be your one stop online store, to save your time and money, when your favorite books delivered together with “everything” you need to your door step for “FREE” (with only RM120 purchase) . With the refund policy and our existing outlets, we ensure you that all the branded products we sell are with warranty, and our online customer service will be there to assist you for technical issues.  

Meanwhile, we welcome you to visit our bookstores, where we provide a “Garden” concept of bookstore to readers and customers. Why garden? It’s always a dream for us to read in a garden, a place of freedom and stress less. It is no longer a dream, moreover combining a cup of coffee with the favorite book…Mmmm, come and experience it… till then, you will never release your booksssss, and make your own “book garden” then after.  

Company Vision & Mission

We are dedicated ourselves to promote reading and learning culture: “Read, Learn and Grow” is a continue process in life, no matter how old and at which ages. With books & everything in between, we move ourselves to a quality life where mind, soul and body are nurtured. We wish to be a platform of culture and knowledge sharing among the society and nations.
The Book Garden, where the seed of knowledge grows.

Values & Philosophy

Technology will bring us further, while book will bring us deeper.